Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club

Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club

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About This Hotel

Steps away from the white sands of the Atlantic Ocean, Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club effortlessly pairs the style and taste of the Mediterranean with the vibrant character of Miami Beach.

A refined, European-inspired stay awaits at Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club. From impeccable hospitality to fresh seaside cuisine, every aspect of the hotel perfectly embodies the spirit of the European Riviera. Only the iconic Art Deco design is pure Miami Beach.

Within the 357 luxurious rooms and suites, sophisticated design blends with comfortable furnishings and stunning views, either of the ocean or city skyline. Cool and soothing shades of blue and white evoke feelings of the Mediterranean and mirror the ocean waves, while luxurious bath amenities and full-length mirrors help you prepare for a night on the town.

For a taste of Miami’s many charms, make use of the highly personalized Cadillac Concierge services. They are able to create an itinerary that serves as an authentic insider’s guide to the best things to do in Miami Beach, or simply recommend the best hidden gems in the area.

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